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Please feel free to check out our featured links from other important hovercraft websites.

As Website Administrator here at Hovercraft Central, I often find myself interested in other resources (especially web-based). These are some of the best I have found to date.

If there's something specific you wish to add to this list, feel free to e-mail me:


Have fun!

Hovercraft Manufacturers

Griffon Hovercraft is a premier supplier of commercial hovercraft.

Neoteric Hovercraft is the original light hovercraft manufacturer.

Hovercraft Suppliers

Hoverhawk provides hovercraft lift fans, skirt material, and more.

MAD Hovercraft manufactures and sells hovercraft as well as special services like polyester parts by order.

Universal Hovercraft has parts, kits and hovercraft plans.

Other Hovercraft Websites

Hovercrafterz.com contains  a lot of useful information as well as links to other important hovercraft websites.


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