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The Internet offers children wonderful educational and entertainment resources. In order to ensure that their children have a safe as well as rewarding online experience, parents may want take advantage of some of the useful and comprehensive resources currently available at

Like the rest of the world, the Internet may contain some material that is inappropriate for young audiences. There are a number of ways parents can control what their children can see and do online. Parents may want to consider utilizing  filtering software to manage their children's online experiences.

To learn more about software filtering tools, you can go to www.getnetwise.com. Please remember that while software filtering tools are a great way to control children's online experiences, there is no substitute for parental involvement online.

The protection of our user's privacy is of the most paramount importance to Hovercraft Central. This document outlines how the information we collect from our users is acquired, transmitted, stored, used and the lifecycle of such data.

By using HovercraftCentral.com™ you acknowledge your acceptance and binding to the terms and conditions set forth in this legal document. Your completed order also constitutes your agreement with this privacy policy. Anyone who has accepted the previous privacy policy will be bound by this new privacy policy. By accepting these terms and conditions, you also accept the
Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer agreements posted on this website.

Agreement with these terms gives Hovercraft Central permission to e-mail you about your purchase, and our products or information, at the e-mail address you specify when ordering through the ClickBank secure server. The purpose of these e-mails is to provide additional information, or to update or revise the product(s) you have received from Hovercraft Central. If there is an alternate e-mail address you would prefer to use instead, or if you would not like to receive product updates, simply use the links in each e-mail. If you are unable to use the e-mail links provided, you may have your information changed manually by sending an e-mail to:


Under no circumstances will personally identifying information collected from our users be sold, leased, rented, loaned or given to external companies or organizations without prior user notification and / or permission. However, Hovercraft Central cannot be held liable in the event that private information is stolen, hacked, or otherwise obtained due to circumstances beyond the control of Hovercraft Central.

Users wishing to obtain a listing of, or make changes to, the private information stored by Hovercraft Central, must make a formal written request to:


Please allow 10 to 15 business days for processing. In the event Hovercraft Central is acquired by a third party, the private information of Hovercraft Central users will be transferred, and continue to be bound to this privacy policy until such time that users are adequately notified of policy changes.

All information which Hovercraft Central obtains from its users is kept secure and confidential to the best of our abilities at all times. This includes security protection of the physical devices storing the information and computer based protection in the form of passwords, encryption, signed certificates and other means. Access to the private information of our users is limited to the employees and authorized subcontractors of Hovercraft Central and technicians of its hosting provider. Exceptions include:

·        third party personnel requiring access to servers for the sole purpose of routine, scheduled or emergency maintenance; and or upgrading of hardware, software or configurations;

·        law enforcement or government agencies in order to comply with local laws and regulations;

·        companies specifically authorized to perform monitoring, technical, analytical or diagnostics services or tasks on our servers and or other equipment.

Hovercraft Central collects, stores and utilizes personal information in the following ways:

·        E-mail and / or Newsletter Subscription
Personal information collected includes email address, name, IP address and date and / or time stamp. This information is retained indefinitely in a secured database environment as an account for the e-mail and / or newsletter subscription. The personal information is used for distribution of the e-mail and / or newsletter, occasional announcement e-mails and promotions, account administration and customer service purposes only. This information is collected directly from the subscriber, or from customer invoices. Private information such as telephone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses and postal addresses will not be used for the purpose of marketing third party products, services or organizations - and are strictly retained for purposes relating directly to Hovercraft Central and its related services.

·        Web Traffic Statistics
Individually identifying information collected includes the IP and host address information of our users. This information is collected without notification to the user. The information is used purely for general web traffic statistics and reports. The information is not used to monitor, track or report on the usage of individual users unless the user is suspected of illegal or unauthorized usage of any component the Hovercraft Central infrastructure is comprised of. Additional information collected on users which is considered non-personal, and is collected without prior knowledge of the user includes: browser version, time and / or date stamp of all transactions against the Hovercraft Central server, referral information, country of origin, city of origin, hosting provider.

·        Cookies
During usage of particular functions within Hovercraft Central, cookies may be saved to the client workstation that improve the efficiency and quality of service. This includes, but is not limited to, Shopping Cart Service functionality. After completed use of such services, these cookies can be deleted from the client workstation without affecting the client workstation functionality.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our legal or privacy policies, we welcome you to contact us at support@hovercraftcentral.com.

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