Hovercraft Central 56-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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56-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We work hard to provide quality products and services, but we know there will be times when someone will find the product doesn't fit their needs or meet their expectations. 

What products qualify for the Hovercraft Central 56-Day Money-Back Guarantee?

Products when purchased directly from HovercraftCentral.com qualify for our 56-Day Money-Back Guarantee.  Services purchased bundled with a product,  also qualify when purchased directly from HovercraftCentral.com. 

Since HovercraftCentral.com may offer free trials for services, any services purchased separately after a trial period do not qualify for the money-back guarantee.  We may offer trials for select services so that you can try these services before buying.

Hovercraft Central products purchased from our trusted retailers are governed by their return policies .

What should I do if I'm not satisfied with my purchase?

Should you feel your qualifying purchase, as described above, doesn't meet your needs or expectations, we would encourage you to try the following to provide you with possible solutions that might help you find satisfaction with your purchase:

Contact our support team to see if there is anything further we can do or try. Our agents are available during business hours and will work hard to find a solution for you, if one exists.

If trying the above doesn't work for you, and our support team is unable to help you use the qualifying product to your satisfaction, the only other thing we can then do is to promptly issue a refund to you.

How do I request a refund?

To get a refund on any qualifying products purchased directly from HovercraftCentral.com, simply e-mail us within 56 days of your purchase, and we will promptly refund your purchase price (applicable shipping charges not included) by charging back the appropriate amount to the credit card you used when making your purchase.  The Hovercraft Central money-back guarantee is only applicable for qualifying products purchased directly from HovercraftCentral.com.

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