Polyester Resin Adhesive

Polyester Resin Adhesive

Polyester resin adhesive is a synthetic resin based 1-part or 2-part liquid or paste which bonds to a variety of materials. It is waterproof and usually not flexible when hardened.

Polyester Resin Curing

Polyester adhesive cures by catalytic action. Typically, this requires mixing the resin with the proper amount of hardener, although paste is also available which does not require mixing. The amount of catalyst needed is critically important, so measure precisely.

Polyester resin adhesive has high strength and setting times are usually less than 30 minutes. Polyester resin should be allowed to cure at temperatures from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The liquid forms are used mainly with fiberglass cloth to bond to metal and wood for boat hulls, car bodies, and surfboards. The pastes are available mixed with fillers, such as talc, to be used for wood fillers or automotive body fillers.

The paste is typically gray or brown in color and the liquid is generally clear to amber. Both the liquids and the pastes can be sanded and painted.

Polyester Resin Types

Polyester resin is becoming increasingly available from more and more manufacturers. Some example brands follow:

1. "Fiberglass Resin Jelly" and "Evercoat Rage Premium Lightweight Body Filler," from Fibre Glass-Evercoat.

2. "Polyester General Purose Resin," Fiberglass Coatings Inc.

3. "Automotive Resin" Kardol Quality Products Inc.

4. "Bondo Body Filler," Bondo/Mar-Hyde Corporation.

5. "Minwax High Performance Wood Filler," Sherwin-Williams Company.


There are many polyester resins available from wood fillers to fiberglass compounds. You should consider your requirements, and the many uses of this adhesive, when selecting the appropriate polyester resin.

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