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Hovercraft Information And Articles

North American Hovercraft Regulations

                        U.S. Regulations

Hovercraft are largely regulated according to the environment they operate in.  For example, a hovercraft operating over land is ... Read More

                    Canada Regulations

             (don't say we didn't warn you!)


General Hovercraft Information

How To Get Your Own Hovercraft

For those who are interested in obtaining their own hovercraft, there are a few main methods of getting your hands on one. You can ... Read More

Hovercraft: Lift Using Only Air

The idea of lifting an object using only the air is not a new one. However, the hovercraft is among the newest ways to achieve lift using air flow. Other vehicles which generate a lifting effect using air are helicopters (rotary wing) and airplanes (fixed wing). ... Read More

Hovercraft Construction Information

Adhesive Tips And Tricks

When working with adhesives, there are ten distinct standard practices which will help ensure you get the proper joint. These techniques are especially important for working with porous materials... Read More

Epoxy Adhesive

Epoxy is a relatively common synthetic resin based adhesive which bonds to many materials both porous and nonporous. It is waterproof and resistant to acid and most solvents. ... Read More

Polyester Resin Adhesive

Polyester resin adhesive is a synthetic resin based 1-part or 2-part liquid or paste which bonds to a variety of materials. It is waterproof and usually not flexible when hardened. ... Read More

Using Propellers For Hovercraft

Since the time of early aviation, propellers have provided thrust for many vehicles which are not in contact with the ground while in operation. One such vehicle is the hovercraft. ... Read More

Using Centrifugal Blowers For Hovercraft

Centrifugal blowers have been used in countless applications since their development. One of these applications is for generating the air flow needed to operate a hovercraft. ... Read More

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