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How To Get Your Own Hovercraft

For those who are interested in obtaining their own hovercraft, there are a few main methods of getting your hands on one. You can buy a new one fully assembled and complete, you can purchase one used, you can build your own from plans, or you can construct a hovercraft of your own design. Some of the aspects of each method will be mentioned here.

Buying a New Hovercraft

If you are looking to acquire a fully assembled hovercraft, you should obviously consider the upfront cost. For factory made hovercraft, the purchase price can far exceed the prices of other options.

You might also consider the fact that the craft is factory made. This can conserve a lot of preparation time because the craft is ready to go from the time you receive it. You also have the advantage that the craft has been manufactured to specific regulations.  

Another consideration is shipping for the craft. If the manufacturer is not located in your immediate area, you will need to have your hovercraft sent to you. This represents an additional cost on top of the purchase price.

Purchasing a Used Hovercraft

To purchase a used hovercraft, it is worthwhile to note that they will be subject to availability. If you find a craft with the characteristics that you want for an acceptable price, you could miss the opportunity if you do not act fast enough.

In addition, you may find that the available hovercraft might not suit all of your applications. For example, someone who races hovercraft and is looking to change racing class might sell the craft that they raced in the old class. This is fine if you are in the market for a racing craft, but not if you want a hovercraft for cruising.  

Repair costs for an inadequately maintained craft can accumulate quickly, so be certain you know everything that is involved before you buy. Overall, the cost of a used hovercraft should be less than buying one brand new from a manufacturer, but potentially more than building your own.

Building a Hovercraft from Plans

Probably the most satisfying way to obtain a hovercraft is to build your own from a set of design plans. The expenses involved usually include your time, building materials, and the price of the plans.

When building from plans, you should definitely use the equipment and materials specified. This will help ensure that your newly built craft will comply with existing regulations at the time of its construction.  

Building a hovercraft from plans is not exactly a time saver, but it can be a relatively convenient option if you are not in a hurry.

Creating a Hovercraft of Your Own Design

Constructing a hovercraft that you designed yourself is an entirely different issue than building from plans. This is generally an option only for those with a design or engineering background.

The advantage is that you, presumably, produce a finished craft with the exact specifications that you want.  The design can incorporate equipment that you already own, reducing some of the construction costs.  

The disadvantages include that you will still have to build the hovercraft after designing it. Design expenses can also exceed any savings if you hire engineering professionals to design a craft for you. Additionally, the craft specifications will have to comply with current regulations, especially for racing.  


Whichever one of the above options is most appropriate for you will depend on your situation and personal preferences. It is recommended that you carefully consider all of these options before deciding how you acquire your own hovercraft.

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