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Epoxy Adhesive

Epoxy is a relatively common synthetic resin based adhesive which bonds to many materials both porous and nonporous. It is waterproof and resistant to acid and most solvents. It is typically available as a 2-part liquid, gel, putty, or paste.

Epoxy Curing

Epoxy adhesives harden as a result of heat and a chemical reaction between the two parts of the mixture. They do not usually shrink as curing does not rely on evaporation.

Epoxy has very high wet and dry strengths. Setting time will vary based on the epoxy type and can be from very fast (minutes) to very long (weeks). Some varieties of epoxy contain metal powder such as aluminum, steel, titanium, or brass to function as a filler.

Most putty formulas are non-shrinking and dry to a range of colors including green, blue, gray, and black. Liquid, paste, and gel formulas typically dry clear to tan in color. The liquids, pastes, and gels can generally be cleaned and thinned using acetone, and are non-shrinking only if you do not use thinner.

Epoxy Types

Epoxy adhesives are common enough that most major adhesive producers manufacture epoxy adhesives. Examples include brands such as:

1. "J-B Weld," "J-B Kwick," "Marineweld," and "Industro Weld" from J-B Weld Company.

2. "Probond Regular Epoxy" and "Elmer's Superfast Epoxy" from Elmer's Products Inc.

3. "Devcon 5-Minute Thick Gel Epoxy" and "Devcon Titanium 5 Epoxy" from Chemical Development Corporation.

4. "Scotch-Weld Epoxy Adhesive 2158" from 3M.

5. "Fixmaster 4 Miute Epoxy" from Loctite Corporation.

There are many different epoxy adhesives currently available from these, and many other, manufacturers. Epoxies are generally easy to find at almost any hardware or department store.


Because there are so many epoxies available (with different cure times, etc), you should consider the application at hand whenever choosing an epoxy adhesive.

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