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Adhesive Tips and Tricks

When working with adhesives, there are ten distinct standard practices which will help ensure you get the proper joint. These techniques are especially important for working with porous materials, such as wood.

Techniques For Using Adhesives

1. Thoroughly prepare all surfaces to be adhered, ensuring that they are clean and dry.

2. A temperature of 70 degrees F or higher is generally recommended as drying and curing times can usually be reduced by increasing the temperature.

3. Use adhesives in well ventilated areas only. The solvents and catalysts used with most adhesives are toxic and can be harmful to your lungs, eyes, and skin.

4. Softwoods typically require longer clamping times than hardwoods.

5. Imported tropical woods are usually more difficult to glue than domestic hardwoods.

6. Any wood will have a highly absorbent end grain, resulting in a weak joint. Apply a thin coat of adhesive to the end grain before gluing to prevent this. Then, apply a second coat of adhesive to the parts to be glued as normal.

7. Parts glued using contact cement can be precisely aligned  using a thin sheet of paper. After the contact cement has been applied and is no longer tacky, place the paper between the two work pieces. Fit the work pieces together and then slide the paper out for the final bond.

8. Never adhere green wood. Adhesives that cure by reacting with water may be used if the wood is damp.

9. To increase the joint strength, clamp the joint together whenever possible.

10. Applying excessive adhesive can actually weaken a joint in some cases. Be careful and wipe away excess glue if necessary.


Always follow the directions for the specific product you are using. If the manufacturer recommends procedures which differ from the standard practices above, accept the instructions for the product as the correct ones.

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